Dropshipping fashion for your webshop

If you want it done right

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Our integrations

If you can work with them, we can

Uses the Shopify API to connect to your webshop

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Use our WooCommerce plugin to connect to CottonCast

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Use the Amazon API to connect to CottonCast

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Use our Magento plugin to connect to CottonCast

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Use our API to connect any platform to our services

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How the integration works

It’s as simple as one, two, three

1: Install CottonCast

Create a sales channel. Install the plugin our app for your platform of choice. Read more about installation in our documentation.

2: Fill in the information

Connect CottonCast and your platform by exchanging some key pieces of information.

3: There is no 3.

You’re done. Now back to the drawing board for more designs and great ideas. Safe in the knowledge that the back-end logistics are in place.

The five pro’s of our fashion-on-demand dropshipping:

No minimum

We know there’s strength in small numbers. We’re not that big ourselves.

No stock

That saves space, money, and a warehouse full of unused shirts.

No waste

Because items that don’t get sold, don’t even get produced in the first place.

No risk

We only fire up the printer when you’ve got your order. And your money.

From the Netherlands

Yes, they can do this in China. But we want to do better.

Whatever you do, don’t believe us (all the time)

Rather see what others say about us
Or, what others don’t say about us. Yet. Since we’re the new kid on the block, we haven’t had any reviews from customers. But they will come, and they will be happy. How are we going to make sure of that, you ask? Just look at our blog, we have plenty of good ideas about that.

A good idea fits on a shirt

And good ideas, we have aplenty

#Good idea #4: From the Netherlands.

So “not made in China”. Which seems odd to be proud of, but it does make a difference. For example…

Good idea #5: No waste.

Which is a direct consequence of our way of working. Because without a minimum order, and without stock, there’s not much…

Good idea #6: Delivered as you wish.

If you want to wow your customer, you need to go the extra mile. And we have many good ideas to do so. Do you want it to be low-key, with just a swing tag, or do you want to go all-in and…