Dropshipping fashion for your webshop

If you want it done right

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We only print what you sell. That means:

No minimums

We know there’s strength in small numbers. We’re not that big ourselves.

No stock

That saves space, money, and a warehouse full of unused shirts.

No waste

Because items that don’t get sold, don’t even get produced in the first place.

No risk

We only fire up the printer when you’ve got your order. And your money.

From the Netherlands

Yes, they can do this in China. But we want to do better.

We put the T in teamwork. And T-shirts.

Because we work with all the platforms that you’ve worked with for so long.

 Kornit Avalanche Pro printer

When you’re a small company, you can’t afford the cheap stuff. Only the big boys can. That’s why we go all-out with this beauty. Because we know that this is what your design deserves. This is what makes you come back for more.

How does dropshipment actually work?

Your webshop

This is where your wonderful designs are displayed. Someone sees them and orders them. Click. They pay. Click.

CottonCast Factory

Now it’s our turn. We print your wonderful designs on as many products as your customers want. They want one, they get one. They want 653… you get the point.

Your customer

When the printer is done, we turn it off, and pack your products. We deliver them for you, to your customer, while you are already working on your next designs.

Why choose CottonCast?

An excellent question. Here are some excellent answers

  • Express catalog (direct delivery in stock)
  • Bigger standard catalog (delivery time 1-5 days)
  • We focus only on fashion
  • Our chat is online now
  • No customer support, but real CottonCast experts
  • High quality printer

  • They have…
  • … one catalog. That’s all you get.
  • They do mugs
  • “Leave a message”